Blue Water Bridge

Blue Water Bridges are a major international crossing over the St. Clair river at the southern end of Lake Huron. Located between Port Huron, Michigan and Point Edward, Ontario connecting both Interstate 94 and Interstate 69 with Highway 402 it is one of the fastest links between the Midwest and Ontario as well as the Northeast United States. The Blue Water Bridge crossing is a large complex consisting of toll and inspection plazas on each side of the border where you pay for your crossing and interact with the inspection agencies such as Immigration or Customs. Our crossing consists of two unique bridges, the Original Blue Water Bridge, opened in 1938 and renovated in 1999 is a three lane west bound bridge. The Second Blue Water Bridge, which carries three lanes of east bound traffic, is an impressive modern bridge opened in 1997. State of the art facilities make the Blue Water Bridge crossing one of the smoothest and most modern crossings in the world.