Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures

Annual Meeting Presentations 2016

General Session Presentations 2016 

Technical Committee Presentations 2016 

State Bridge Engineers Meeting Presentations 2016

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Annual Meeting Presentations 2015

General Session Presentations 2015 

1-Susan Hida-T-5 Strength IV.pdf 
2-Susan Hida-T-5 Wind.pdf
C-Joey Hartmann-FHWA Bridge and Tunnel Programs.pdf
D-Kelley Severns-SHRP2 Update.pdf
E-Todd Thompson-AASHTOWare Bridge Update.pdf
F-Matt Chynoweth -A I I SCOBS General Session presentation.pdf
G-Norm McDonald-US34 Missouri River bridge.pdf
H-Barry Benton-Emergency Repairs of Bridge 1-813 on I-495 over the Christina River.pdf
I-John Holt-West 7th Street Bridge.pdf
J-Loren Risch and John Kulicki-Section 5 Reorg Update.pdf
K-Danielle Kleimhans-NCBC Research Update.pdf
L- Ben Graybeal-FHWA Bridge Research.pdf
M-Waseem Dekelbab-NCHRP Bridge and Structure Research Updates.pdf
N-Robert Connor-Update on Pooled Fund Study TPF-5(281) S-BRITE.pdf
O-Dennis Heckman-Incident in Rockview, Missouri.pdf
P-Kate Kurgan-Center for Environmental Excellence and RSTS.pdf
Q-Amy Squitieri-Louisiana Historic Bridges Rehabilitation Prioritization and Programmatic Agreement.pdf
R-Anthony Tessari-Update on University at Buffalo Bridge Engineering Program.pdf
S-Katheryn Malusky-NTPEP and APEL Technical Service Programs.pdf
T-Dave Juntunen-TSP2 Bridge Preservation Update.pdf
U-Tom Macioce-PennDot's Rapid Bridge Replacement P3 Project.pdf
V-Jeff Pouliotte-Wax Filler in Post-Tensioning Systems.pdf 

Technical Committee Presentations 2015 

T-1  Bridge & Tunnel Security
T-1-George Lee and Thomas Murphy-Design for Multi-Hazard (MH) Resilient Highway Bridges.pdf
T-1-Jeff Pouliotte and Phil Dompe and Atiq Alvi-Coastal Bridge Vulnerability Due to Hurricane Wave Action.pdf
T-1-Michel Ghosn-Redundancy in Long Span Bridges for Risk Mitigation in a Multi-Hazard Environment.pdf
T-1-Ray Cotton and Gregory Jizba-Comparative Anaylsis Reports on Bridge Security.pdf

T-2  Bearings & Expansion Devices
T-2-Dennis Mertz-Update on NCHRP 12-100 Guidelines for Maintaining Small Movement Bridge Expansion Joints.pdf
T-2-Sougata Roy-Specification Reviews.pdf

T-3  Seismic Design
T-3-Atorod Azizinamini-ABC Steel Bridge System and Use of UHPC for Seismic Applications.pdf
T-3-Mathew Royce-Seismic Design of Bridges NYSDOT Policy and Practices.pdf
T-3-Pantelidies and Ameli-Evaluation of Grouted Splice Sleeve Connections for Reinforced Precast Concrete Bridge Piers.pdf
T-3-Saiid Saiidi-Highlights of Recent and Current Bridge Earthquake Engineering Research at UNR.pdf

T-4  Construction
T-4 Presentation 1_Jeff Carlson_Various 2016 T4-T14 Ballot Items.pdf
T-4 Presentation 2_Mike Grubb_2015 T-14 Section 6 Ballot Items.pdf
T-4 Presentation 3_Chris Pantelides_Seismic Grouted Sleeve Connection Research.pdf
T-4 Presentation 5_Mike Culmo_NCHRP 12-98-102 Update.pdf
T-4 Presentation 6_Atorod Azizinamini_ABC-UTC Update.pdf
T-4 Presentation 7_Matthew Macey_FSPG - CDR Bridge Systems.pdf
T-4 Presentation 8_DavidWinstead_Bridge Replacement Studies and MOT.pdf

T-5  Loads & Loads Distribution
T-5-Agenda Item 1--T5 Strength IV, 2015.pdf
T-5-Agenda Item 2--T5 Wind, 2015.pdf
T-5-Chuck Plaxico and Malcolm Ray-Impact and Quasi-Static Pier Capacity.pdf
T-5-Lubin Gao-FHWA Updates Loads and Analysis-Related Activities.pdf
T-5-Waseem Dekelbab-NCHRP 12-92 Proposed LRFD Bridge Design Specifications for Light Rail Transit Loads.pdf

T-6  Fiber Reinforced Polymers
T-6-Abdeldjelil Belarbi-NCHRP 12-97 Guide Specification Design of Concrete Bridge Beams Prestressed w CFRP Systems.pdf
T-6-Matthew Chynoweth-Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Prestressing.pdf
T-6-Okumus-Design Methods Near-Surface Mounted FRP Systems for Repair, Strengthening of Concrete Bridge Elements.pdf
T-6-Will Potter-Use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Cables for Post-Tensioning Applications.pdf
T-6-Yost-Fatigue and Serviceability of GFRP Reinforced Bridge Decks Designed by Traditional and Empirical Methodologies.pdf

T-8  Movable Bridges
T-8-George Patton-Bascule Bridge Lightweight Solid Deck Research-FDOT.pdf
T-8-James Phillips-Span Lock Study.pdf
T-8-Jerome OConnor-Composite Bridge Decking.pdf
T-8-Paul Skelton-Bordeaux France Vertical Lift Bridge.pdf
T-8-Scott Snelling-NCHRP-14-32-Movable Bridge Maintenance Manual Update.pdf
T-8-Scott Snelling-NCHRP-20-07-348-AASHTO LRFD Movable Design Specs.pdf

T-9  Bridge Preservation
T-9-Bruce Johnson and Ed Welch-TSP-2 Bridge Update.pdf
T-9-David Miller-SCOM Bridge TWG Update for SCOB.pdf
T-9-Haotian Liu and Robert Zobel-LTBP Data Analysis Module.pdf
T-9-Jeff Pouliotte-2015 Update for NBPP Coatings Group (2015-04-06).pdf
T-9-Kendal Walus-VDOTs Use of Corrosion Resistant Metallic Reinforcing Bars.pdf
T-9-Michael Johnson-TRB AHD 37 Update.pdf
T-9-Mike Bartholomew-R19A Service Life Design for Bridges.pdf
T-9-Mike Bartholomew-Uniform Service Life Design Guide.pdf
T-9-Tim Keller-Ohio Bridge Preservation.pdf  

T-10 Concrete Design
T-10-Ben Graybeal and Gary Greene-WAI 174 and WAI 185.pdf
T-10-Henry Russell-WAI 180.pdf
T-10-Oguzhan Bayrak-Developments in Strut-and-Tie Method.pdf

T-12  Structural Supports
T-12-Jay Puckett-ADM 2010 to 2015 Possible Implications for LRFD LTS.pdf
T-12-Michael Garlich-Anchor Rod and End Plate Bolt Connection Tightening.pdf
T-12-Norman McDonald-LRFD LTS Review.pdf
T-12-Xiaohua Cheng-Advancement of the State-of-the-Art in Traffic Structures.pdf

T-13 Culverts
T-13-Ali Abolmaali and Yeonho Park-Innovation of Semi-Rigid Concrete Pipes with Macro Synthetic Fibers.pdf
T-13-Josh Beakley-AASHTO Ballot Items.pdf

T-14  Structural Steel Design
T-14-Brian Kozy-Engineering for Stability in Bridge Construction.pdf
T-14-Carl Puzey-Strategic Plan update.pdf
T-14-Duncan Paterson-Update on AASHTO-NSBA Task Group 16.pdf
T-14-Matthew Macey-Folded Steel Plate Girder System.pdf
T-14-Robert Connor-Update on FC Research at Purdue University.pdf
T-14-Ronnie Medlock-Steel Bridge Technology Improvements and Needs.pdf   

T-17  Welding
T-17-Justin Ocel and Ben Graybeal-FHWA Welding.pdf
T-17-Ronnie Medlock-Update of AASHTO-AWS D1.5 Committee.pdf

T-18  Bridge Management, Evaluation, & Rehabilitation
T-18-Bala Sivakumar-SHV Posting.pdf
T-18-Barton Newton-FHWA IDIQ Task 5009.pdf
T-18-Brian Leshko-NCHRP 20-07 Task 337 Guidelines for Inspecting Complex Components of Bridges.pdf
T-18-Eric Christie-AASHTOWare Bridge Management Update.pdf
T-18-Marybeth Miceli-State of the Structural Health Monitoring Industry.pdf
T-18-Scott Snelling-NCHRP-14-32 Proposed Revisions to AASHTO Movable Bridge Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance Manual.pdf
T-18-Shay Burrows-FHWA Update.pdf

T-19  Software & Technology
T-19-Ahmad Abu-Hawash-Use of 3D in Bridge Design.pdf
T-19-Mike Bartholomew-FHWA Bridge Information Modeling.pdf
T-19-Roger Gran and Tim Chipman-Bridge Model Standards for Digital Delivery.pdf
T-19-Stephanie Winkelhake-3D Bridge Design at NYSDOT.pdf
T-19-Tim Jennings-FY14-15 Annual IT Survey.pdf
T-19-Todd Thompson-AASHTOWare Bridge Rating Design Update.pdf
T-19-Troy Soka-Moving Towards Civil Integrated Management (CIM) at NYSDOT.pdf

T-20  Tunnels
T-20 Ray Cotton and Gregory Jizba-Comparative Anaylsis Reports on Tunnel Security.pdf
T-20 StrategicPlan(2014).pdf
T-20-Lou Ruzzi-Mid-Year Meeting.pdf
T-20-Mehdi Bakhshi-Design of Segmental Tunnel Linings for Serviceability Limit State.pdf
T-20-Ray Cotton-Interagency Agreement Between the TSA and the US Army Corps of Engineers.pdf
T-20-Waseem Dekelbab-NCHRP Tunnel Research Updates.pdf
T-20-William Bergeson-FHWA Update.pdf

State Bridge Engineers Meeting Presentations 2015

B-Patricia Bush-AASHTO.pdf
D-Final T-10 vision.pdf
D-Loren Risch and Dennis Mertz-T-10 Vision.pdf
E-Patricia Bush-LRFD Budget.pdf
F-Scot Becker-Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM).pdf
G-Scot Becker-LRFD Publishing Evaluation.pdf
H-Matt Hardy-NPRMs.pdf
I-Erin Grady-Publications Update.pdf
J-Susan Hida-State Bridge Engineers Survey.pdf 

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Annual Meeting Presentations 2014

General Session Presentations 2014 

Joseph Hartmann – AASHTO 2014 FHWA Update
Tim Armbrecht – AASHTOWare Bridge Products Update
Don White – Improved Resistance Calculation for Steel Truss Gusset Plates
Glenn Washer – Developing Reliability-Based Bridge Inspection Practices (NCHRP 12-82)
Scot Becker – Leo Frigo I-43 Bridge Repair
Greg Perfetti - T-14 Agenda Items
Sue Lane – Long Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program
Jay Puckett & Norm McDonald – New Specifications for Structural Supports for Hwy Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals
Waseem Dekelbab – NCHRP Update
Ian Friedland – FHWA Research Update
Dave Juntunen - TSP2 Update
John Kulicki & Loren Risch - Section 5 Reorganization
Dennis Heckman - Stan Musial Veteran's Memorial Bridge
King Gee - AASHTO Updates
Matt Farrar - NCHRP Scan 12-01 Advances in State DOT Superload Permit Process & Procedures
Mary Lou Ralls - Accelerated Bridge Construction - University Transportation Center
Matt DeMarco - SHRP2 Call for Implementation of Bridge Products
Richard Marchione - Announcement of 2015 SCOBS in Saratoga Springs, NY

Technical Committee Presentations 2014

T-1  Bridge & Tunnel Security
Sheila Rimal Duwadi – FHWA Hazard Mitigation Research Update
Steve Ernst – FHWA Security Update
Dick Madenburg – National Underground Test Bed (UTB)
Steve Henry – Protecting Underground Infrastructure
Meghann Valeo – NCRHP 20-59 (14B) Project Update
Nancy Daubenberger – I-35 Bridge Collapse   

T-2  Bearings & Expansion Devices
Thomas Winmann – Development of Smart Structural Components for Optimizing Structural Health Monitoring Techniques
Paul Bradford – Advancing Disc Bearing Specifications
Sougata Roy – Proposed Revision to AASHTO Specifications for Bolted Single Support Bar MBJS
Mark Kaczinski – Issues Related to the Design and Construction of Bearings   

T-3  Seismic Design
Saiid Saiidi – Couplers in Plastic Hinge Regions
David Goodyear – Seismic Specifications for Towers & Arches
Kyle Rollins – Passive Force-Deflection Behavior for Skewed Abutments
Saiid Saiidi - ABC-UTC Seismic Aspects
Phil Yen – FHWA Seismic Research Update   

T-4  Construction
Ben Beerman – FHWA National Update
Finn Hubbard – SHRP2 R04 ABC Implementation
Mary Lou Ralls – Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center
Ken Sweeney – Composite Arch Bridge System
Greg Osberg – AlumaBridge Aluminum Bridge Decking   

T-5  Loads & Loads Distribution
Michel Ghosn & Jian Yang – NCHRP 12-86 Bridge System Safety and Redundancy
Lubin Gao – FHWA Updates – Loads Related Activities   

T-7  Guardrail & Bridge Rail
John Durkos – Task Force 13   

T-8  Movable Bridges
Jim Phillips – Span Lock Research Update
Mike Abrahams – NCHRP 14-32 Proposed Revisions to the AASHTO Movable Bridge Manual
Mike Abrahams – NCHRP 20-07 Review of the AASHTO LRFD Movable Highway Bridge Design Specifications
Jim Phillips – Bascule Bridge Lightweight Solid Deck Retrofit Research Project
Darrell Berry – Louisiana’s Historic Bridge Evaluation
Kamal Elnahal & Chuck Davis – Alteration of Mile 14 Mobile River Bridge
Christopher Samford – Mechanical Details in Detail
Ted Zoli – Portsmouth Memorial Movable Bridge Replacement   

T-9  Bridge Preservation
Anwar Ahmad – Service Life Design for Bridges (R19A)
David Johnston – NCHRP 14-23 Practical Bridge Preservation Actions and Investment Strategies
Jeff Pouliotte – Post-Tensioning Corrosion and Grouting – Florida DOT
Randy Cox – Grouted Post-Tensioning
Sue Lane – Long Term Bridge Performance Program
Jeff Pouliotte – SEBPP Coatings Group Update
Mike Johnson – TRB Bridge Preservation Committee Update
Ed Welch – TSP2 Update
Bruce Johnson – National Bridge Performance Measures
Service Life Design Guide – NCHRP Problem Statement   

T-11  Research
Ian Friedland – FHWA Bridge Research Update
Waseem Dekelbab – NCHRP Update
Barney Martin – TRB 2014 Top Research Statements
Atorod Azizinamini – ABC-UTC Research Presentation   

T-12  Structural Supports
Jay Puckett & Norm McDonald – DOT Questions on New LRFD LTS Vibration Mitigation Devices   

T-14  Structural Steel Design
Mike Grubb – LRFD BDS Section 6 Proposed Revisions
John Kulicki – SHRP R19B Calibration of Service Limit States in LRFD
Jacques Cattan – AISC Bridge Certification
Hormoz Seradj – ASTM A 1010 Bridges   

T-16  Timber Structures
Sheila Rimal Duwadi – FHWA Update – Covered Bridge Research Program
National Timber Bridge Inspection Study   

T-17  Welding
Justin Ocel – FHWA Welding-Related Research Update   

T-18  Bridge Management, Evaluation, & Rehabilitation
Mark Stockman – County Element Level Inspection
Mike Johnson – AASHTOWare Bridge Management Updates
Don White – Improved Resistance Calculation for Steel Truss Gusset Plates
Jonathan McGormley – Evaluation of Existing Gusset Plates
Glenn Washer – NRCHP 12-82 Developing Reliability-Based Bridge Inspection Practices   

T-19  Software & Technology
AASHTO Annual Information Technology Survey
Scot Becker – T-19 Strategic Plan Discussion   

T-20  Tunnels
Matt DeMarco – R06G NDE for Tunnel Linings
Thomas Ryan & Brain Leshko – FHWA Update – NHI Course 130110
William Bergeson – FHWA Update
Bijan Khaleghi  - Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement
NCHRP 14-27 Guide for the Preservation of Highway Tunnel Systems

State Bridge Engineers Meeting Presentations 2014

Sue Hida – 2014 State Bridge Engineers Survey Summary
Barton Newton – T-1 Bridge Security & Hazards
Peter Stephanos – Implementing Transportation Performance Measures – Map-21
Erin Grady – 2014 Publications Update
Alex Bardow – Domestic Scan 11-02 Close Out Report (NCHRP 20-68A)
Sue Hida – Truck Size & Weight Study
Matt Farrar – Updating the MBE 

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Annual Meeting Presentations 2013

General Session Presentations 2013

2013 Bridge Engineers' Survey Results.pdf
AASHTOWare Software Update.pdf
Bridge Security - Blast Design Workshop.pdf
FHWA Bridge Research Update.pdf
FHWA Update.pdf
Innovative Technology of Bridges in Korea.pdf
John James Audubon Bridge Project.pdf
NCHRP Bridge Research Update.pdf
Overview - I5 Bridge Collapse Immediate Response.pdf
Recommended Guidelines for the Selection of Test Levels for Bridge Railings.pdf
SHRP2 Solutions - Bridge Products.pdf
Software Inventory and Future Directions of T19.pdf
Steel Bridge Research Inspection Training Engineering Program - Purdue (S-BRITE).pdf
University at Buffalo Bridge Engineering Program.pdf
Update - Long Term Bridge Performance Program.pdf
Update - MSE Wall Failure in California.pdf
Update - PT Grout with Elevated Chlorides.pdf
Update AISC Steel Fabrication Certification.pdf

Technical Committee Presentations 2013

T5 - Loads and Load Distribution
T5 - Calibration for Strength IV Limit State in LRFD.pdf
T5 - Engineering for Stability in Concrete Bridges.pdf
T5 - Update on Manual for Finite Element Analysis.pdf
T5 - Update on SHRP2 R19B.pdf

T8 - Moveable Bridges
T8 - Center bearing rehab Oregon DOT Umpqua River Bridge.pdf
T8 - Galveston vertical lift bridge.pdf
T8 - Grid floor research.pdf
T8 - Oregon health monitoring for movable bridge.pdf
T8 - Span Lock research update.pdf

T9 - Bridge Preservation 
T9 - Annual Post Tensioning Investigation.pdf
T9 - Innovative Products Presentation.pdf
T9 - SEBPP Paint Report Presentation.pdf
T9 - AASHTO TSP2 Update.pdf
T9 - Bridge Deck Preservation Product Matrices.pdf
T9 - FHWA Bridge Preservation Update.pdf
T9 - Long Term Bridge Performance Program Update.pdf

T10 - Concrete 
T10 - FHWA - Update on Grout Issues.pdf
T10 - National Concrete Bridge Council Research Update.pdf
T10 - Update - LRFD Chapter 5 Rewrite.pdf

T12 - Luminaires, Sign Supports and Traffic Signals
T12 - Online Guide to Luminaire Supports.pdf
T12 - Reducing Fatigue in Traffic Signal Supports.pdf

T18 - Bridge Management, Inspection and Rehabilitation
T18 - 2013 BRIDGEWare Update.pdf
T18 - AASHTO Bridge Rating Update.pdf
T18 - Bridge Management Update (Pontis).pdf
T18 - FHWA Update to T18.pdf
T18 - NCHRP 12-82 Reliability Based Bridge Inspection.pdf
T18 - Railroad Flatcare Strength and Redundancy.pdf
T18 - Response Based LRFR Procedures.pdf
T18 - Soft Grout Segregation.pdf

T19 - Software and Technology
T19 - 3D AASHTOWare Bridge Vision and Direction.pdf
T19 - Bridge Data Protocols and Interoperability.pdf
T19 - Long Term Bridge Performance Data Management.pdf
T19 - Software Technology Technical Committee Future Directions.pdf
T19 - AASHTOWare Annual IT Survey.pdf
T19- Methods Used to Obtain Measurements on a Large Truss Bridge.pdf

T20 - Tunnels
T20 - Component Level Risk Management in Tunnels.pdf
T20 - FHWA Tunnel Program Update.pdf
T20 - SHRP2 R-06G Preservation Guide for Tunnel Owners.pdf

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Annual Meeting Presentations 2012

General Session Presentations 2012

Chairman's Lecture - The Value of Research

Missouri's Safe and Sound Bridge Improvement Program
Sika Grout Issues - Ongoing Efforts
PT Grouting Issues
Update on PTI Grouting Specifications
ASBI Grouted Post Tensioning Specifications
Bridging the Gap Africa - Bridges as Philanthropy
Long Term Bridge Performance Program Status Update
SHRP2 Project R19A - Bridge for Service Life Beyond 100 Years
SHRP2 Project R04 - Rapid Renewal
SHRP2 Project R19B - Design for 100 Year Service Life
SHRP2 - Implementation of Products
FHWA Bridge Research Update
TIG - New Bridge Material Design Options
Nondestructive Testing to Identify Concrete Deck Deterioration
AISC Certification Program Update
FHWA Overall Update
T10 Pooled Fund - Rewrite of LRFD Section 5
AASHTOWare Update
Annual Bridge Engineers' Survey Results
Domestic Scan on ABC Connections in Extreme Events
TRB Bridge Research Update
Virtual Assembly Technology

Technical Committee Presentations 2012

T2 - Bearing and Joints
Plain Elastomeric Bearing Pad Behavior
Amendment to AASHTO Fatigue Tests for Modular Expansion Joints
Seismic Isolation Design Example Updates

T3 Seismic
Overview of Direct Displacement Based Design of Bridges

T5 Loads
FHWA Cooperative Agreement Advancing Steel and Concrete
Manual For Finite Element Analysis
FHWA Pooled Fund for Loads and Overloads
Calibration of Strength IV Limit State in LRFD

T8 Movable Bridges
Florida Movable Bridge Deck Research
Florida Span Lock Research
FRP Movable Bridge Deck Research
Data and Performance Measures for LRFD Design of Open Grid Steel Bridge Decks
Lift Span Construction
ZellComp Composite Bridge Decks
Survey for Movable Bridge Barriers

T9  Bridge Preservation
PT Corrosion and Grouting Issues in Florida

T10 Concrete
Grout Issue Overview

T15 Foundations
Considerations of Incorporating Foundation Deformations Into LRFD
Planning to Address Issues with Reinforced Soil Structures
Proposed AASHTO Changes for Drilled Shafts
Geotechnical Information for Design-Build - NCHRP Synthesis 429

T18 Bridge Management, Inspection and Rehab
FHWA Update on National Bridge Inspection Program
Guide Manual for Bridge Element Inspection - Updates
NCHRP 12-81 Evaluation of Fatigue on the Servicability of Highway Bridges
NCHRP 12-82 Developing Reliability Based Inspection Practices
Pontis 5.2 - Update
Virtis - Future Vision

T19 Software and Technology
Bridge Element Data Migrator
AASHTO Culvert Program
Bridge Data Exchange Protocols

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Annual Meeting Presentations 2011
General Session Presentations 2011

 Technical Committee Presentations 2011

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Annual Meeting Presentations 2010

General Session Presentations 2010

AASHTO Guide Manual for Bridge Element Inspection - Barton Newton.pdf
AISC Certified Fabricator and Erector Program.pdf
Best Practices for Roadway Tunnel Design, Construction, Maintenance, Inspection and Operations - Kevin Thompson.pdf
Bridge Engineer Questionnaire Results - Ralph Anderson.pdf
Bridge Aesthetics Guide - Fred Gottemoeller.pdf
BRIDGEWare Update - Tim Armbrecht.pdf
FHWA Research Update - Ian Friedland.pdf
FHWA Update - Myint Lwin.pdf
National Bridge Inspection program Oversight - Risked Based Inspection - Tom Everett.pdf
National Tunnel Inspection Standards - Jesus Rohena.pdf
NTSB Recommendations for Bridge Railing - Tim Keller.pdf
Performance Specifications for Bridges (SHRP2 R07) - Linda Konrath.pdf
Seismic Update - Chile Earthquake - Phil Yen.pdf
SHRP 2 Bridge Research and Implementation - Monica Starnes.pdf
SHRP 2 Update Project R19A Bridge Service Life Beyond 100 Years - Atorod Azizinamini.pdf
Structural Assessment Reports for Contractors means and Methods - Ralph Anderson.pdf
TRB Research Update - Waseem Delkelbab.pdf
Truck Size and Weight Issues - Scot Becker
Truck Size and Weight References
Truck Size and Weight Survey Results
TSP2 Bridge Preservation Program - Steve Varnedoe
Update on SHRP 2 R-04 Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal - Ken Price
Update on the 2010 Edition of the Roadside Design Guide - Paul Fossier
Update on the Long Term Bridge Performance Program - Hamid Ghasemi
US Army Corp - Structural Monitoring Systems

Technical Committee Presentations 2010

T-3 Seismic
NCHRP 12-74 Update

T-8 Moveable Bridges
Burnside Bridge Counterweight Trunnion Replacement
California Moveable Bridge Inventory
Managing the Moveable Bridges of New York City
Rehabilitation of the Ben Sawyer Bridge
Seismic Design of South Park Bascule Bridge
Structural Health Monitoring for Moveable Bridges

T-9 Bridge Preservation
NCHRP 12-75 FRP Systems for Concrete Girders
NDT Techniques for Cable Stayed and Post Tensioned Bridges
Proactive Through Life Bridge Management

T-12 Sign Supports, Luminares and Traffic Signals
Overview of CSA Design Specifications for HML
Fatique Life of Base to Poll Connections on Traffic Structures
Hydraulic Wrenches
Research Update - Sign Structures: NCHRP 10-74

T-18 Bridge Management, Inspection and Rehabilitation
FHWA Update for Bridge Inspection
Gusset Plate Retrofit in Texas
Gusset Plate Retrofit in Illinois
NCHRP 12-82 Developing Reliability-Based Bridge Inspection Practices

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Annual Meeting Presentations 2009

General Session Presentations 2009

2009 - FHWA Updates
2009 - FHWA Research and Technology Update
2009 - Update on FHWA Long Term Bridge Performance Program
2009 - NTSB Investigation of the I35W Bridge Collapse
2009 - Completion of the New I35W Bridge
2009 - AASHTO Response to NTSB Recommendations on I35W
2009 - AASHTO Policy on Truck Size and Weight
2009 - Truck Weight Reform: Views of the American Trucking Association
2009 - Domestic Scan: Best Practices in Bridge Management
2009 - International Scan: Assuring Bridge Safety and Security
2009 - Gusset Plate Research Update
2009 - Introduction to the Joint Technical Committee on Engineering Electronic Data
2009 - John James Audubon Bridge Cofferdam Lowering
2009 - NCHRP 12 -82 Reliability Based Inspection Practices
2009 - Reliability Based Inspection and Rating Intervals
2009 - Overview of the SEI-ASCE Bridge Performance Workshop
2009 - SHRP2 100 Year Service Life Update
2009 - SHRP2 Rapid Renewal Update
2009 - BRIDGEWare Update
2009 - NCHRP Bridge Research Update
2009 - Bridge Engineers' Survey Results.pdf

Technical Committee Presentations 2009


2009 - T-9: Cathodic Protection for Extended Service Life
2009 - T-9: Concrete Structures Management
2009 - T-9: SHRP2 100 Year Service Life and Innovative Systems
2009 - T-9: TSP2 Service Program for Bridge Preservation
2009 - T-9: FHWA Coatings and Corrosion Research


2009 -T-12: Fatigue Performance of Galvanized High Mast Poles
2009 -T-12: Fatigue and Design for High Mast Light Poles

2009 -T-12: Fatigue Behavior of Welded Aluminum Light Poles

2009 -T-12: Cost Effective Connections on Highway Sign, Luminaire and Traffic Signal Structures

2009 -T-12: Square Aluminum Tubes Bent About a Diagonal Axis


2009 - T-16: FRP-Glulam Beams
2009 - T-16: National Historic Bridge Preservation Program

2009 - T-16: Overview of ASCE Timber Committee Activities


2009 - T-18 Structural Assessment Reports
2009 - T-18 Update and Direction of CoRE

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Annual Meeting Presentations 2008

General Session Presentations 2008

2008 - AASHTO Policy Outlook for Transportation
2008 - Accelerated Bridge Construction Updates
2008 - An Owner's Perspective on Implementing Accelerated Bridge Construction
2008 - Bridge Engineers' Survey
2008 - BRIDGEWare Update
2008 - Development of Design Guidelines for Coastal Storms
2008 - Draft Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH)
2008 - FHWA Guidance on Load Rating of Gusset Plates
2008 - FHWA Overall Update
2008 - FHWA Research Update
2008 - FHWA Response to I-35 Bridge Collapse
2008 - Guidelines for Historic Bridge Preservation
2008 - I-35 Bridge Collapse and Response
2008 - Integrated Project Delivery and Life Cycle Management
2008 - Kick Off Contractors Meeting for Long Term Bridge Performance Program
2008 - Long Term Bridge Performance Program Update
2008 - NCHRP Project Update
2008 - Predictive Maintenance of Movable Bridges
2008 - Public Response to the I-35 Bridge Collapse
2008 - Road Map for Transportation Preservation Research
2008 - Updates to Seismic Guidelines and LRFD Seismic Design
2008 - T-18 Update on Bridge Management
2008 - Guidelines for The Design, Testing and Fabrication of Disc Bearings (T2)
2008 - Commentary on NCHRP Disc Bearing Problem Statement (T2)

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